Introduction to Rocky Intertidal Habitats   3 comments

Introduction to Rocky Intertidal Habitats

Robert Zottoli

Professor Emeritus

Fitchburg University




The web program was created to provide a field experience for those unable to reach the shore or those who would like to learn more about  typical rocky intertidal species before going into the field.

 Photographs of zonation patterns and individual species as well as descriptions of  zonation on rocky shorelines were compiled from several locations in southern, mid coastal, and down-east Maine. The zonation patterns and general distribution of species on some rocky shores are often not as clear cut as described here, however this should serve as a general guide.

Digital photographs accompany brief written descriptions of selected animals and plants as well as a few of their culinary and medicinal uses. Finally, some of the adaptive features that help a select few of the species to survive or thrive on rocky shores are briefly mentioned.

Digital images were taken at different times throughout the seasons by Dr. Robert Zottoli. Most of the photographs were snapped with a Nikon D7000,  D300, D200 or a Nikon D70 SLR digital camera, all equipped with a 60 mm AF Micro Nikkor 1:2.8 D lens. The majority of images were moderately enhanced and reduced in size within Adobe Photoshop CS4 or CS5. The web site was constructed using WordPress ( Videos were filmed through compound and dissecting microscopes with a Microscope Digital Camera MDC560 (USB2.0) equipped with a 5.6M pixel chip or a U Series CMOS 8 mega pixel CE Camera (10000KPA).

Digital images and videos provided on this web site may be reproduced for non-commercial, personal, educational or scientific purposes only. Copying or redistribution in any manner for personal or corporate gain is not allowed without written permission from Robert Zottoli ( the following format to identify pictures and give credit to photographer Robert Zottoli:

Connections to selected websites are listed beneath the scientific name of each species. Wikipedia ( , a free encyclopedia, generally provides more specific information about the species in question. Keep in mind that anyone can edit information on this site.

Please let me know if the program meets your needs. It would also be helpful if you could make suggestions on how to improve the web site. Send comments to me at:


Posted October 18, 2011 by zottoli

3 responses to “Introduction to Rocky Intertidal Habitats

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  1. Hello Robert. I’m a freelance photo researcher working for National Geographic and I’d like to license your photo of the common marsh snail. Please email me for the details. I have tried emailing you but have not received a response and assume it’s going to your spam folder. Many thanks!

  2. Hi Robert, our client is a research company in Australia, they like your photo of the cyanobacteria and were hoping to use it on a poster/banner for a Science conference in America. Can you please advise us if this is okay?

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